Midnight Confessions & Corrections


Midnight Confessions & Corrections was founded on the belief that everyone possesses the potential to learn to realign, repair, and correct the direction that their life is going. All you need is a little help and guidance from people who have experienced the process and can understand what you’re going through, walking at your side and supporting you as you learn and grow.


A portal into a safe confidential space for confessions. Coming soon.

About the Program

Through the platform of Midnight Confessions & Corrections, we offer live, multi-sensory experiences that have been designed specifically to help you overcome your repeating, negative behavior patterns. Because we believe in the power that art can lend when it fuses with religion, we utilize strong visual imagery, healing sounds, music, and aromatherapy. When brought together, they deepen the experience and allow you to go even further into your subconscious. It is there that you can truly heal.



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