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Mission Statement

Midnight Confessions & Corrections was founded on the belief that everyone possesses the potential to learn to realign, repair, and correct the direction that their life is going. All you need is a little help and guidance from people who have experienced the process and can understand what you’re going through, walking at your side and supporting you as you learn and grow.

Ultimately, all of us are made of stardust. We are only a very small part of a vast and endless universe, full of planets and solar systems. However, although we are just a small speck in history, we are also amazingly complex creatures, down to the double helix of our DNA. It’s the dichotomy of life, to be both important and unimportant, insignificant and essential. 

Each of us possesses a unique, spiritual fingerprint—a soul. Our soul makes us who we are, as it collects bits and pieces from all of the experiences that we have in life. Our soul is the spark of life inside us, although we don’t often stop to think about it as we go on with our day to day lives.

So many of us have been held hostage by the bad habits that tend to weigh us down and hold us back, creating obstacles to really experiencing all of the wonders that life has to offer. Those habits are created by long-established recurring patterns, the vast majority of which are strongly rooted in experiences from our childhood. Whether those patterns include a tendency to make poor choices in partners, eat unhealthy foods, or turn towards other addictions that pollute the body (like tobacco, drugs, and alcohol), those patterns will continue over and over again until you seek out the real source. Over time, they can begin to drag the soul out of the light and into the darkness.

To help you unburden yourself from your bad habits, Midnight Confessions & Corrections offers you the ability to “confess.” This confession does not subscribe to any specific religious belief system and is welcoming to everyone, no matter what you do or don’t believe in. Once you are able to rid yourself of the destructive patterns that are holding you back, you can more easily move out of the darkness and into the light. You can’t imagine the joy you’ll feel when you’re free from everything that has been weighing you down.

Midnight Confessions & Corrections offers multiple ways for you to be able to confess. If you choose to confess privately, without anyone listening, there is a time during meditation for you to speak truth to power on your own. If you would prefer to reach out anonymously instead and connect with another human who wants to listen without judgement, you have that option as well. The simple act of confession is incredibly powerful. Everyone deserves the catharsis that comes with it.

Through the platform of Midnight Confessions & Corrections, I can offer live, multi-sensory experiences that I’ve designed specifically to help you overcome your repeating negative behavior patterns. These can be accessed online, as well. Because I believe in the power that art can lend when it fuses with religion, I utilize strong visual imagery, healing sounds, music, and aromatherapy. When brought together, they deepen the experience and allow you to go even further into your subconscious. It is there that you can truly heal.

It’s the mission of Midnight Confessions & Corrections to bring healing, love, faith, and comfort to everyone who is willing to unburden themselves from the habits of their past. I want to fill the world with as much compassion as possible, to remind us all of what we ultimately have in common—our humanity. You are welcome here. You are home.